The focus of TAIAHA is to supply top quality, durable and performance-driven products at a competitive price. We don’t compromise on these principles and once an order is placed we apply the same commitment to delivering on time. Our overall aim is to successfully meet all the sporting needs of our customers, from clubs, schools or individuals.

TAIAHA has developed a strong global supply chain delivering industry ‘cutting edge’ quality within time frames that are competitive with all leading suppliers. While our products are industry leading our service remains dedicated to fully knowing our customers needs and providing a personal approach to ensure that complete satisfaction is met.

All of our products have been tried and tested by top athletes and we have invested in R&D to ensure that the latest advancements in materials are utilized to provide one of the best product ranges on the global market. Our training range of equipment has been tested and approved by the IRB with many items containing the IRB approval sticker.



To ensure our products, meet expectations we have invested in a on-line design service (used in conjunction with our Sales Representative), or for customised designs the Taiaha design team provides options and a final proof of the design is sighted, approved and signed off prior to an order being placed.


Customized design

TAIAHA provides an in-house design service to ensure that the process from start to finish exceeds customer expectation. We provide an extensive range of traditional designs as well as designs that are unique to the TAIAHA brand. Any of the designs can be modified to your preference or if an original design is required, our design department can create a design that will uniquely represent your club, school or association.